New!  Rohnert Park: Looking Forward - an Economic Overview

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Achieving a Competitive Economy for Rohnert Park 


Focusing on five (5) Core Competencies

Focus on increasing jobs in the community supported by sustainable growth industries and a well defined business development effort

  • Increase workforce readiness by labor skills development programs, tapping potential workforce resources by retaining Sonoma State University graduates and targeting retirees and attracting young talent for outside the region
  • Advance higher education and economic development partnerships through a collaborative venture between Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park Chamber, Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster (SMBC), and others
  • Strengthen entrepreneurship by sparking and supporting the formation of new companies in the identified business growth sectors and SMBC incubator businesses
  • Launch a coordinated marketing effort to promote Rohnert Park uniqueness (branding efforts) locally, nationally and globally


Educational excellence by fostering talent and innovation while preparing workforce with the necessary skills to compete in the knowledge based global economy

  • Work with Sonoma State University (SSU) and Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) to provide rigorous relevant curriculum to strengthen Rohnert Park future workforce
  • Form partnerships between business and educational groups to solve our educational challenges and meet Rohnert Park workforce needs today and in the future
  • Develop a program with our school system that focuses efforts on improving education and graduation


Collaborative Governance and Stewardship by fostering and supporting an innovation based economy with efficient and enlighten government services and committed cooperative private sector leadership

  • Develop and support a community philosophy where leaders push boundaries by focusing on solving serious challenges and finding opportunities
  • Develop a competitive advantage through our fast tracking processes of zoning, permitting issues associated with commercial, industrial and land use development
  • Cultivate future leaders with a focus on programs that support entrepreneurship and community leaders
  • Actively pursue options for funding both short and long term economic development in the community
  • Establish a collaborative, multi-government and business network that develops long-term infrastructure plans


Build on unique assets and attributes of Rohnert Park

  • Address infrastructure and environmental needs with a balanced approach to growth, development and prosperity
  • Support efforts toward reducing and maintain Rohnert Park low crime rate
  • Support the development of tourism growth and development
  • Beautify the city to improve Rohnert Park public image and competitiveness
  • Collaborate with key partners to address economic development challenges like water, transportation, healthcare, and affordable workforce housing


Revitalization of Rohnert Park so that we can create/develop economic benefits for the community and region

  • Establish public and private economic development group dedicated to revitalization, growth and development
  •  Target quality growth zones by working with private sector leaders to plan and develop economic development areas in a competitive and sustainable way
  •  Develop and economic development plan that adheres and promotes tenants of Smart Growth



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