July 7, 2014


Hello Local Business Owners and Managers!

 Over the years, it has become clear to me that we are all interdependent on each other to be successful. Our students need places to go, eat and play, when they are not in class, and many of you rely on the students to keep your businesses up and running, especially in this economy.   On August 16th, 2014 approx. 3100 students will be moving into the Residence Halls at SSU and around that same time the other 4000 students will be moving into the Rohnert Park/Cotati/Petaluma/Penngrove area.   Approximately 1700 of them will be incoming first year students, or transfer students, who have not spent much time in this area. I would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to your business to become involved in the Sonoma State University (SSU) residential community and to participate in one, or all, of the Seawolf Dayz Welcome Programs and opportunities listed below.  The students enrolled at SSU are members of the quad-city community and because of this we have initiated several opportunities for local businesses to reach out to SSU students, and for us to help promote who and where you are. There are a few ways to get involved and to promote your business to our students.


We will give welcome information to the 3100 residential students as they arrive.  We will be giving them things such as pens, I.D. holders and various information pieces about campus life and programming. We would also like to offer you the opportunity to get information about your business out to the students. We are hoping to keep it low cost for you, create an option that is less paper and I am also keeping in mind that we have to coordinate the dissemination of many pieces of info!  Given those concerns, we have teamed up with Digi-type, a local printing business to help get your individual ads/flyers/promo pieces into a packet.  If you are interested in giving information out to the students regarding your business, check out the attached specs and let us know if you want to participate by filling out the attached participation form:) Typically a quarter page B/W ad would be $50 and half page ad $100 for the 3100 flyers. Please note that as I looked through the ads last year, some of the ads did not clearly designate if the add was a coupon. If your intent is for the ad to be a coupon, you may want to clearly note that fact by labeling it as such, or having the cut out lines around it. It needs to be clear to the students and not in fine print.  If you have any questions, please contact me at Please also note that the deadline to get your ad to Digi-type will be August 1, 2014.  Once you let me know which programs you want to participate in, I will send you more info about each program.


The Residential Student Association provides a voice, as well as programs and activities for the students who reside on campus. One of the ways we are able to provide trips, and events, is through our fundraising. Through this program, the students pay a small fee for a sticker they put on their ID cards. The sticker provides them with benefits both on campus and in the local community. We are wondering if you would be willing to offer some sort of discount for our residential students, (or promote a discount you already give) who show their ID and have the RSA sticker. Of course we will give you a copy of the sticker, publicize your business and give you a small sign for a window or location at the front door of your store that says you support the SSU Residential Student Association. The discounts are totally up to you, but in the past, some things that have been offered include 5-20% off, free drinks with purchases or something of that nature. This program helps to get them to your business but also helps us by offering another way people can use their sticker. If you already offer a discount to students, just let us know and we will publicize it as part of the program as well!


BIG NITE 2014!

On Sunday, August 17th from 8pm – 11pm, we have a very large event on campus called Big Nite. We typically have over 4000 students attend this event. The event in this year will include carnival rides, games, music, student performance, crafts , karaoke and comedy to name a few of the pieces of the nite. One other part of the event is tabling by student clubs and organizations. We are hoping to have businesses take part in this tabling aspect of the event. Tabling would happen outside and we would have lighting for the outside area. We are actually moving the event(for those of you who have participated before) to the parking lot next to the new Student Center and the Recreation Center. While I know that this event will be later in the evening, I can tell you the we have a lot of students there and more visibility. Some of the businesses that attended Big Nite last year were very happy with the amount of student they could publicize their business to and were happy with the added exposure! It is our hope that you’ll agree that this is a great opportunity to provide the incoming freshman as well as the larger student body population, who will be shopping in the Rohnert Park, Cotati, and Petaluma, and surrounding areas, with information about your business.

This event will help to serve as one opportunity for you to promote your business to SSU students. Feel free to bring coupons, job applications, giveaways, or other promotional items. According to campus policy, we are unable to allow any form of signups at this event. You may pass out the selected material and ask the student to return it to your business; however, they cannot sign up at this event. This would include signing up for a service, a mailing list, or other related item. (You can do a raffle from your table and get their info that wayJ)

While there is no fee for the table, we do request that you bring a gift certificate or product to be given away during the event. Students will be given the chance to get a passport filled out by going to five key spots during the event. They will then turn in their completed card to the bookstore and could win some of the prizes you all donate. You may still have individual raffles at your table but you will be responsible for contacting that winner. We will provide a parking pass for the day of the event as well. More information regarding this will be in your space confirmation letter.

 Due to campus policy, vendors may not give out food. 

Due to our commitment to support the university drug free campus initiative, we will not be able to offer tabling spots to bars, or establishments that promote alcohol openly and/or as the main reason students would come to their business. Thanks for your understanding.


If you are interested in helping us to sponsor a part of the Big Nite, or another event during Seawolf Dayz, we can give you publicity at that specific event, sponsorship credit on our website and print ads, as well as offer you the opportunity to put your own promotion piece in the hands of the students.  

A couple options of sponsorship might be:

1. providing additional prizes or give a ways items for the over 50 events during Seawolf Welcome Weeks

2. sponsoring a portion of the t-shirts for BIG Night (we can add your logo to the shirts)

3. sponsoring some of the activities/novelty items for BIG Nite (promotional signage would be at sponsored event)


Thank you in advance for your consideration of how you can be involved in welcoming our students to SSU and surrounding communities!  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at the telephone number or email address below.   

If you want to take part in any of our events, please fill out the attached participation form and we will give you more information about how to get on board!  If you do not hear from anyone, please email for assistance. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this offer.


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